Groove Tubes MD2 in vendita

Groove Tubes MD2 in vendita

Groove Tubes MD2 in vendita

Estremamente difficile da trovare, Groove Tubes MD2 in vendita, microfono valvolare con box di alimentazione, cavo dedicato e shockmount.

I Modelli “model 2″ e MD2” sono in realtà lo stesso modello.

Questo microfono fa parte della vendita del ramo di azienda degli studi di registrazione audio e video Groove Factory.

Per informazioni sulla vendita del ramo di azienda “studi di registrazione” clicca qui.

Foto Groove Tubes MD2 in vendita

Groove Tubes MD2 in vendita

This microphone is a side‑address cardioid capacitor mic, built into a 2‑inch diameter stainless steel tube, some 8.5 inches long. Ventilation holes in the side of the case keep the circuitry cool, and allow the glow of the valve to shine through. The mic can be mounted directly onto a conventional mic stand, using the threaded socket cut into the bass of the body, and an optional shockmount is available.

As the mic has a valve preamp, it can’t be run from phantom power, so you have to use one of three purpose‑built Groove Tubes PSUs. The difference between the PS1, PS2 and PS4 power supplies is simply the number of mics they can power at one time, and any of the mics will run on any of the power supplies. The new model DP1 valve DI preamp will also run off these power supplies.

The power supply connects to the mics via a locking 9‑pin ‘D’ connector situated on the base of the mic body, and although these are terminally ugly connectors, they are both cheap and reliable. The audio signal leaves the PSU via a conventional balanced XLR connector, and all the mics are transformer balanced.

Valve mics are prized for their interesting tonality, not for their accuracy, and the Groove Tubes mics are no exception. The MD1 features a large‑diaphragm capsule, amplified via a dual triode valve run from an high tension of 120 volts. Looking at the frequency response curve, the overall response is nominally flat (give or take a couple of dBs), although there are a couple of peaks, one at 7kHz and another at 10kHz, as well as a deliberate (but slight) LF rolloff below 500Hz, to help counteract the proximity effect when the mic is used up close. When used at a distance of six inches, which is common in the studio, there’s around 4dB of bass boost, centred around 120Hz or so, which adds a nice, intimate warmth to the sound. Being a tube mic, the noise figure isn’t quite as low as for a state‑of‑the‑art, solid‑state preamp, but in normal studio miking applications, the mic is more than adequately quiet. Unlike some capacitor mics, the MD1 has no pad switch, and no high‑pass filter.

The MD1 has the bright, yet rich tone associated with valve mics, as well as a liberal dose of what I call the late‑night DJ, throaty character which flatters most vocalists.

Paul White

Groove Tubes MD2 (aka) Model 2

The Groove Tubes MD2 is externally identical to the MD1, except that the body is coated in a suitably vintage black crackle finish. Again, a large‑diaphragm capsule (hand built using a 3‑micron, gold‑sputtered mylar diaphragm) is used. A new valve preamp circuit was designed for the MD2, incorporating a Sensitivity Level control on the base of the mic (in place of the threaded stand insert), which varies the polarisation voltage on the capsule. This provides a 20dB control range, extending the maximum SPL to a massive 150dB.

The dual‑triode, 12AX7 valve stage is designed to maintain a fast transient response, and the main difference between the MD1 and MD2 is that the MD2’s response extends right up to 20kHz. Subjectively, the MD2 has all the warmth of the MD1, but has a little more air around the top end, and seems to handle delicate, transient sounds particularly well. It is still very flattering, but at the same time sounds more honest than the MD1. Both the MD1 and MD2 sound great on acoustic guitars and percussion instruments, as well as on vocals, and users also report good results on sax.

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